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Why Choose Us?

Dating back to ancient times, concrete was quickly recognized as the most versatile and durable natural building material available to man. The Roman Empire and other ancient civilizations also realized the inherent beauty in the concrete structures they had created. Many of Europe’s great monoliths, cathedrals and castles stand as a testament to the lasting splendor of concrete construction.

Today manufacturers are quick to alter or synthesize the composition of their concrete to reduce failures, so much so that often the end result can no longer even be called concrete. Fortunately many are easy to recognize by the xxxx-crete in their product description.

At Advanced Concrete Enhancement®, our focus is on perfecting the process of working with the concrete to achieve the desired results. Through a controlled environment and process we are able to achieve superior and consistent results with our concrete creations. We’re confident in the time-tested, natural characteristics of our concrete products. Our in-depth understanding of how concrete works, enables us to control or eliminate shrinkage, warping, cracking and staining. Call us purists, but concrete by any other name just isn’t concrete. We’re passionate about this amazing material and with it we create lasting forms, surfaces, and flooring that accentuate your home or work environment.

Let us show you how to make something truly unique from a secret of the ancients.

Why Choose Concrete?

Concrete CountertopIn the not too distant past concrete was used exclusively for structural applications. However, chemical advances and technological breakthroughs have given way to improved concrete formulas that have made it an artistic medium compatible with today's forward thinking architectural design.

The concrete of today has properties that are considerably more sophisticated than most people realize. Our concrete possesses aggregates and organic details revealing a rich visual depth unique to concrete. Aside from its intrinsic beauty it can also be made to convincingly imitate other natural materials. In its natural state it can be smoothed to a glass or satin like finish or it can be highly textured. Because it is a poured substance, it can take on intricate shapes in the casting process. ACE’s concrete has no color limits, it’s durable, easy to maintain, repairable, and it’s permanent.

Advanced Concrete Enhancement® is well aware of the adaptability of this marvelous material and utilizes it capabilities daily, regularly finding new ways to apply its versatility.

Architects, Contractors, Designers!

We are proud to announce the release of our new Online Instant Quote System...

Local architects, contractors, and designers will now have the ability to quote, in real-time, any job they desire without having to call, email or wait for a response from us. You will able to manage, update, print and change quotes through our online database. After registration, your login and password information will be created, and you will be invited to tour our production facility and showroom. Upon administrative approval, you're ready to use the system. It's that easy!

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